Have fun !!


Do you have any problems or questions regarding this app ? Then don‘t hesitate contacting me !

My name:    Lukas Fritz

Email:          LukasFritz@gmx.net


„Write“ your messages in the air with your iPhone or iPod Touch !

All you have to do are some simple steps:

  1. 1.Type your text in the textfield

  1. 2.Choose a textcolor

  1. 3.Select a „writing-speed“

  1. 4.Press „Scribe !“

  1. 5.Constantly swing our iPhone side to side through the air like a pendulum. The app will automaticly detect the right moment to write your text !

The faster you set the speed slider, the faster you have to move your iPhone. Just try out different speeds and look what works best for you.

For best results choose words not longer than 6 characters and move your iPhone with a long and steady wave-like motion.

Just look at the video bellow ;)